Dental X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a fast and easy way to see all the structures in your mouth. A sensor is placed in the mouth to capture an image. The image is then displayed on a nearby computer screen for easy viewing.

Digital x-rays are the latest innovation in dental X-ray imaging. They are safer for patients, provide clearer images, and can be viewed immediately. Digital x-rays can be taken while the patient stands, bites down, or sits, providing added convenience. They provide instant, clear results, and they can be enlarged, zoomed in on, and rotated for better viewing. Digital x-rays are also environmentally friendly because they do not require any chemicals to develop. Patients can also view their x-rays on a computer screen or handheld device, eliminating the hassle of waiting for film to develop.

What are the benefits of digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays are a wonderful diagnostic tool that we can use to learn about your oral health. The benefits of digital x-rays are:

  • More precise images. Because these images are digital, they are generated with computers, and they are able to be manipulated and adjusted as needed.
  • Fewer retakes. Digital x-rays only need to be taken once.
  • More comfortable. Digital x-rays are taken a right in the treatment room, and the image is taken using a small sensor instead of x-ray film.
  • No wait. The images are available right away, so you don't have to wait so you can view them.

How do digital x-rays work?

Digital x-rays rely on an electronic sensor to capture an image. A digital sensor is similar to a traditional film sensor, but a digital sensor is more sensitive, uses less radiation, and generates an image more quickly. Once the image is captured, it is sent directly to the computer for the dental team to view.

Are digital x-rays safe?

Digital x-rays are very safe. They produce 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays are also faster, which can reduce anxiety and discomfort.

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